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Jeff Wayne - War Of The Worlds (Part 3) lyrics

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Next day the dawn was a brilliant fiery red

and I wandered through the weird and lurid landscape

of another planet for the vegetation which gives Mars

it's red appearance had taken root on Earth

As man had succumbed to the Martians

So our land now succumbed to the red weed

Where ever there was a stream the red weed clung and grew

with frightening voraciousness

It's claw-like fronds choking the movement of the water

And than it starts to creep like a slimy red animal

across the land covering field and ditch and tree and hedgerow

with living scarlet feelers, crawling, crawling...

I suddenly noticed the body of parson lying on the ground

in a ruined churchyard.

I felt unable to leave him to the mercy of the red weed

And decided to bury him decently.





The parsons eyes flickered open , he was alive!


Nathaniel! I saw the church burst into flame!

Are you alright?!


Don't touch me!


But it's me! Beth! your wife!


No! you're one of them , a Devil!


He's Delirious!



I saw the Devil's sign!


What have you seen?


The green flash in the sky

His demons where here all along

In our hearts and souls

Just waiting for a sign from him

And now they are destroying our world


But they're not devils, they're Martians!


We must leave here


Look! A house still standing!

Come Nathaniel quickly!


We took shelter in a cottage

and black smoke spread hemming us in

Then a fighting machine came across the fields

Spraying jets of steam that turned the black smoke

in to thick black dust




Dear God, Help Us!


The voice of the Devil is heard in our land!!



Listen do you hear them drawing near

in their search for the sinners

Feeding on the power of our fear

and the evil within us

Incarnation of Satan's creation of all that we're dread

When the demons arrived those alive would be better off dead!!


#There must be something worth living for

There must be something worth trying for

Even something worth dying for

And if one man can stand tall

There must be hope for us all

Somewhere, somewhere in the spirit of man!


#Once there was a time when I believed without hesitation!

That the power of love and truth could conquer all

in name off salvation!

Tell me what kind of weapon is love when it comes to the fight!

And just how much protection is truth against all Satan's might!


#There must be something worth living for

There must be something worth trying for

Even something worth dying for

If just one man can stand tall

There must be some hope for us all

Somewhere, somewhere in the spirit of man

People loved you and trusted you

Came to you for help


Didn't I warn them that this would happen?

Be on guard! I said...

For the evil will never rest

I said exorcise the Devil!

But no, they wouldn't listen

The demons inside are grew and grew

Until Satan gives his signal

And destroyed the World we knew!!


#No Nathaniel!, oh no Nathaniel!

No Nathaniel no

There must be more to live

There has to be a way

That we can restore to life

The love we used to know

Nathaniel No

There must be more to live

There has to be a way

That we can restore to life

The light that we have lost

#Now darkness has descended on our land

And all your prays can not save us

Like fools we let the Devil take command

of the souls that God gave us!

To the altar of evil like lambs to the slaughter we're led

When the demons arrive the survivors envy the dead


#There must be something worth living for!


# No! there is nothing!


# There must be something worth trying for!


#I don't believe it's so!


# Even something worth dying for!

If just one man can stand tall

There must be some hope for us all

Somewhere. Somewhere in the spirit of man


Forget about goodness and mercy - there gone!

Didn't I warn them! Pray i said!

Destroy the Devil I said!

They wouldn't listen!

I could have saved the World!

But now it's too late, TOO LATE!!


#No Nathaniel!

Oh no Nathaniel!

No Nathaniel no

There must be more to life

There has to be a way

That we can restore the life

The light that we have lost



Dear God! a cylinder's landed on the house!

And we underneath it - in the pit!


The Martians spent the night making a new machine

It was a squat metallic spider with huge articulated claws

But it too had a hood which a Martian sat

I watched it pursuing some people across the field

It caught them nimbly and tossed them

into a great metal basket upon his back



She's dead! buried under the rubble

Why!! Satan! why did you take one of your own?

#There is a curse of mankind

We may as well be resigned

To let the Devil , the Devil take the spirit of man!


As time passed in our dark and dusty prison

The parson wrestled endlessly with his doubts

His outcries invited dead for us both

And yet I pitied him

Then on the ninth day we saw the Martians eating

Inside in the hood of their new machine

They where draining the fresh living blood of man and woman

And injecting it in their own veins



It's a sign!

I've been given a sign!

They must be cast out!

And I have been chosen to do it!

I must confront them now!


No parson! No!


Those machines are just demons in a other form!

I shall destroy them with my prayers!

I will burn them with my holy cross!

I shall - (PUNCH)


The curious eye of a Martian appeared at the window slit

And a menacing claw explored the room

I dragged the parson down to the coal-cellar

I heard the Martian fumbling at the latch

In the darkness I could see the claw toughing things

walls, coal, wood, and then it touch my boot!

I almost shouted!

For a time was it still and then, with a "click" it gripped something, the parson! With slow, deliberated movements his unconscious body was dragged away...

And there was nothing I could do to prevent it.

I crept to the blocked window slit and peered through the creeper

The Martians and all their machines where gone

Trembling I dug my way out

And clambered to the top of the mound

Not a Martian inside

The day seemed dazzling bright after my imprisonment

and the sky a glowing blue

Red weed covered every scrap of ground

but a gentle breeze kept it swaying

And oh...! the sweetness of the air!

Again, I was on my way to London

through towns and villages

that where blackened ruins

totally silent, desolate, deserted.

Man's empire had passed away

Taken swiftly and without error

by these creatures who were composed entirely of brain

Unhampered by the complex systems which make up men

They made and used different bodies according their needs

They never tired, never slept, and never suffered

having long since eliminated from their planet the bacteria which caused all fevers and other morbidities


Halt who goes there ?


Er - A friend


Be on your way

This is my territory


Your territory ?

What do you mean?


Wait a minute it's you , the man from Maybury Hill


Good heavens the artilleryman!

I thought you surely burned!


I thought you surely drowned!


Have you seen any Martians?


Everywhere. we're don for all right.


We can't just give up


Course we can't

It's now that we've got to start fighting

But not against them 'cos we can't win

Now we've got to fight for survival

And I reckon we can make it

I've got a plan

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