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Jeff Wayne - War Of The Worlds (Part 2) lyrics

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The hammering from the pit and the

pouding of guns grew louder

My fear rose at the sound of someone creeping into the house

Then I saw it was a young artillery man

weary , streaked with blood and durt

Artillery man:

Anyone here ?


Come in , here drink this

Artillery man:

Thank you


What's happened ?

Artillery man:

They wiped out.

Hundreds dead - maybe thousands


The Heat Ray ?

Artillery man:

The Martians !

They were inside the hoods of the machines they'd made

Massive metal things on legs !

Giants machines that walked

They attact us !

They wiped us out !


Machines ?

Artillery man:

Fighting machines !

Picking up men and bashing 'em against trees

Just hunks of metal

but they knew exactly what they are doing


Hmmm there was another cylinder came last night

Artillery man:

Yes it looked bound for London


London !

Carie !

I had'nt dreamed there could be danger to Carrie

and her father so many miles away

I must go to London at once

Artillery man:

And me

Got to report to my headquarters

If there's anything left of it


At Byfleet we came upon a Inn

but it was deserted

Artillery man

Is everybody dead ?


Not everybody

Look !

Six cannons with gunners standing by

Artillery man:

It's bows and arrows against the lightning

They haven'd seen the Heat Ray yet


We hurried along the road to Weybridge

Suddely there was a heavy explosion

The Ground heaved

Windows shatterd

And guts of smoke erupted into the air

Artillery man:






One after the other four of the fighting machines appeared

Monstruous tripods higher than the tallest steeple

striding over the pine trees and smashing them

Walking engines of glittering metal

Each carried a huge funnel and I realized with horror

that i've seen this awful thing before

A fifth machine appeared on the far bank

It raised itself to full hight

flourished the funnel high in the air

And the ghostly, terrible heat Ray

struck the town


As it struck all five fighting machines exulted

emitting deafening howls which roared like thunder





The six guns we have seen now fired simultaneously

decapitating a fighting machine

The Martian inside the hood was slain

splashed to the four winds

and the body nothing now but an intricate device of metal

went whirling to destruction

As the other monsters advanced people ran away blindly

the artillery man among them

But I jumped into the water and hid until forced up to breathe

Now the guns spoke again

but this time the Heat Ray sent them to oblivion




With a white flash the Heat Ray swept across the river

Scalded half blinded and agonized

I staggered through leaping hissing water towards the shore

I fell helplessly in full sight of the Martians

exepting nothing but death

The foot of a Fighting Machine came down close to my head

then lifted again as the four Martians carried away the debris

of there fallen comrade....

And I realized that by a miracle I had escaped



For three days I fought my way along roads packed with refugees

the homeless , burdened with boxes and bundles containing there


All that was of value to me was in London

but by the time I reached the little red brick house

Carrie and her father were gone

#The summer sun is fading as the year grows old

and darker days are drawing near

The winter winds will be mutch colder

Now your not here

#I wached the birds fly south across the autumn sky

And one by one they disappear

I wish that I could flying with them

Now your not here

Like the sun trough the trees you came to love me

Like a leaf on a breeze you blew away

#Trough autumn's golden gown we used to kick away

You always loved this time of year

Those fallen leaves lie undisturbed now

'Cause you're not here

'Cause you're not here

'Cause you're not here


Fire suddely leaped from house to house

The population panicked and ran

And I was swept along with them

Aimless and lost without Carrie

Finally I headed east on for the ocean

and my only hope of survival , a boat out of England

#Like the sun trough the trees you came to love me

Like a leaf on a breeze you blew away

A gentle rain falles softly on my weary eyes

As if to hide a lonely tear

My lift will be forever autumn

'Cause you're not here

'Cause you're not here

'Cause you're not here


As I hasted trough Covent Garden , Blackfrairs and Billingsgate

more and more people joined the painful exodus

Sad , weary woman

their children stumbling and streaked with tears

their men bitter and angry

the rich rubbing shoulders with baggers and outcasts

Dogs snarled and whined the horses bits were covered with foam

and here and there were wounded soldiers as helpless as the rest

We saw tripods wading up the Thames cutting trough bridges

as though they were paper Waterloo bridge , Westminister bridge

one appeared above Big Ben




Never before in the history of the world

had such mass of human beings moved and sufferd together

This was no disiplined march it was a stampede

without order and without a goal six million people

unarmed and unprovisioned driving headlong

It was the beginning of the rout of civilization

of the massacre of mankind

A vast crowd buffeted me towards the already packed steamer

I looked up enviously at those safely on board

straight into the eyes of my beloved Carrie

At sight of me she began to fight her way along the packed deck

to the gangplank- at that very moment it was raised

and I caughed the last glimpse of her despairing face

as the crowd swept me away from her

#Like the sun trough the trees you came to love me

Like a leaf on a breeze you blew away

Trough autumn's golden gow we used to kick our way

You always loved this time of year

Those fallen leaves lie undisturbed now

'Cause you're not here

'Cause you're not here

'Cause you're not here




The steamer began to move slowly away

but on the land in horizon appeared the silhouette of a fighting machine

Another came and another striding over hills and trees

pulling far out to sea and blocking the exit of the steamer

Between them lay the silent gray ironclad "Thunderchild"

Slowly it moved towards shore

Then with a deafening roar and whoosh of spray

it swung about and drove at full speed towards the waiting Martians


#There were ships of shapes and sizes

Scattered out along the bay

And I thought I heard they'r calling

As the steamer pulled away

the invaders must have seen them

As across the coast they filed

Standing firm between them

There lay "Thunder Child"

#Moving swiftly through the waters

Cannons blazing as she came

Brought a mighty metal warlord

Crashing down in sheets of flame

Sensing victory was nearing

Thinking fortune must have smilled

Poeple started cheering

'Come on "Thunder Child"

'Come on "Thunder Child"


The Martians released their black smoke

But the ship sped on

Cutting down one of the tripod figures

Instantly the others raised there Heat Rays

and melted the Thunder Child's valiant heart


# Lashing ropes and smashing timbers

Flashing Heat Ray hits the deck

Dashing hopes for our deliverance

As we watched the sinking wreck

with the smoke of battle clearing

Over graves in waves defiled

Slowly disappearing

Farewell "Thunder Child"

Slowly disappearing

Farewell "Thunder Child"

Farewell "Thunder Child"

Farewell "Thunder Child"


When the smoke cleared the little steamer

had reached the misty horizon and Carrie was safe

But the "Thunder Child" had vanished forever

taking with her mans last hope of victory

The leaden sky was lit by green flashes

cylinder folowing cylinder and no one and nothing

was left now to fight them

The Earth belonged to the Martians


Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!

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