Jeezy - Streetz lyrics

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My potna nut got gunned down in his hood last week (Out here in these streetz)

My nigga 24hours out the feds, say he gotta eat (so we back off in these streets) Real niggas getn money, why you givin' all yours to the freaks? (when you out here in the streetz)

It's a jungle out here, errday we on point, neva weak (we out here in the streetz)


Ima hustle cuz I gotta, splurge when I can

This the conscience of a God fearin' man/

They say you live by the Glock 40, you die by the forty5

Missin' the day Lil Mike and BigK was still alive/

Dem bitches missin' yo swag and ya momma missin' ya smile nigga

When I got the call I almost threw in the towel nigga/

Lately been stressin', shit been givin' me migraines

Got some foul niggas round me, dat keep on playin'all these mind games/

Seen a black president, I ain't see no change tho

They say street life numb ya, all I feel is pain tho/

I can tell ya some stories that make a grown ass man cry

Aye dis wat it what it sound like when a grown ass man try

Heeyy e-yay yea hmmmhhm heeyy aye yea yea !


(Verse 2)

I been smokin' so much lately, really think my brain fried

Thinkin' so much lately really think my brain tired/

See, I'm from a small town calld we on't give a fuck

Population bout fo thousand, so I'm neva givin' up/

Like Jizzle had big dreams, like Jizzle had big goals

Saw 'im the otha day, nigga looked like a lost soul/

Streets taught me stand tall, chest out neva fold

That real stand up, guy shit, neva gets old/

All he need was a quarter, now he start with a good seven

flipped it a zillion times that made him a livin' legend/

I can tell ya some shit that make a grown ass man cry

Aye dis wat it sound like when a grown ass man try

Hey aae e-yay yea hey hey hey hey hey hey hey


Gotta watch for the task force finessers and robbin crew, nightmares for anybody dreaming of robbin you(in these streets)/ Court cases nigga lawyer fees, escaping the luxury got the federal custody in these streets/ All da good jobs firin Ups aint hirin man dis stress gettin tiring in these streets/ Own potna out to get cha an if u cross dat line own potna get his issue(Heeeyy!!)

Thanks to BG Dee Tampa 813 for correcting these lyrics

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