Jeezy - Round Here lyrics

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Lotta niggas get money round here

Niggas ain't funny round here

Lotta niggas sat in Coupes round here

Young niggas deal soup round here

Lotta niggas doin' time round here

Nothin' but a bunch of felons round here

Lotta niggas holdin' tape round here

Lotta niggas turn to state round here


Welcome to the city of the shady muthafuckas

Collins brought the cater on 'em grady muthafuckas

Whom my white boy Marco, Big Worm and Big Nuke

Neighborhood truth, can't tell ya big who

I used to run with ten heat, a professor of finessin'

He know how I get down, slit choppas on the tress

Outta town niggas run around like they fake

Out where they get fromenade, even got a face card

Two other double D'ed, gun 'em down in this Maybach

And me and his fine ass sister, we go way back

Heard about crusta say fuck the soul, crew up!

Plus I heard what's her name that wanna sell gwop right here!


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