Jeezy - Politically Correct lyrics

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I'm out in paradise on this chardonnay

But I'm still thinkin' about the struggle though

Yeah, real shit


I'm from a small hood and we big on respect

Ya get yo money up, ya go big on yo neck

Hit the dealership and go big on the Vette

By any means, got to get the check

Politically correct

In my Makaveli voice, yeah I'm down for the cos'

Judge, does hoop shit, to hell with them laws

The revolution won't be televised on the net

So if you're coming, best be coming with respect

Politically correct


Welcome to the mind of a black man

This world done drove me so crazy think I need me a CAT scan

Pocket full of paper, no credit

Think I ain't 'bout to flex up on these folks then forget it

See poverty, yeah it taught me to hustle

I'm a rebel with a cos', that said, let's get back to the struggle

Just left Chiraq, it's a war zone

Praying for my east side niggas, just hold on

What ya know about a hundred rounds?

Nigga, they got drums on the Glocks now

Like De Niro off in Heat, niggas shoot at the cops now

I ain't tryna promote no violence

Until we fix this shit just know a nigga won't be silent

I'm watching niggas getting smoked like hookahs

Go smoke a blunt and watch the news

Cos' that shit there is sort of confusing

They done killed anotha nigga

I said, 'ya sure, mutherfucker?'

I will postpone this tour and start a war, mutherfucker


(Verse 2)

Walk up in the white house like it's my house

Taxpayer mutherfucker, yeah this is my couch

What the problem is, homie? The bills paid

Green grass, shooters out front, and I'm knowing the crib raid

I ain't gon' act like this is all yo fault

I roll a blunt, ya grab a chair, we gon' sit down and have that talk

Racism at its all time high

And Taraji P. Henson at an all time fly

I'm like, "Lord why they tearing up B-More?"

We do it then we do it all together, that's what DC for

Can't forget my riders off in Virginia

Tell 'em free B-More Goose, they put that boy in a blender

Gots up in here, politics player

Otha than that

Drink a glass of red wine, smoke a cigar with the mayor

Down goes anotha nigga

I said, 'ya sure, mutherfucka?'

I will step up out this pussy and start a war, mutherfucka



Y'all don't wanna feel my wrath, not at all

Every hood, every penitentiary

Every ghetto, ya do the math

This at the hood, ya do the math, nigga


I said I woke up this mornin' feeling optimistic

But the survey say I'll be anotha statistic

Man these folk playing dirty, shooting niggas in the back

Ya look a man in his eyes, what type of coward shit is that?

I'm watching Anderson Cooper, what the fuck do we know?

And Al Sharpton show up like he some type of hero

Shit I'm starting to think ya here just for the press, mutherfucka

Ya niggas betta sell them chains, go buy a vest, mutherfucka


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