Jeezy - Change The World lyrics

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Young ambitious ass nigga, know yo member

Charismatic, lotta heart, lil slender

Duffle bag, boy, I went and got that duffle bag

Heads aligned lookin' like December

Projects, parlayin' with my folk

Bought the full clinic and the bar soap

Told 'em broke hoes y'all can call me everyday

Anythin', my broke nigga


I woke up worn, more than life, fuck it! (?!)

Grindin' fo' the cal and I tuck it

Drive this swaggy muthafucka with so much pride

You can't tell 'em in a bucket

Wanna be a millionaire but I'm a million raw

If yo money shown, nigga, then yo deal off

Violate, demonstrate, I'mma see the clique

Eat 40, be legit then I peeled off

It's a scar playin', homie, this my destiny

Get it till you do out aim nothin' left fo' me

Swear to God I will be so much raw

It's prolly why these demons testin' me

You know the rule, you won' do the chrome, do the time

Decap a nine nigga, always talkin' like he fine

Keep in mind, with my dawg know I'm like a book

We went to middle school together, I know the nigga lyin'


If I can change the world, I'm freein' all my niggas

Send some cell phones up in heaven, so I can call my niggas

If I can change the world, we runnin' down all the prisons

We be lettin' errbody out the ______(?)

That's in a second, no decision

We come and call from the pen, know we go and die

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