Jd Era

Jd Era - 1TRain

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Nominated for a juno, a radio don’t play me

Country fucked up, but trust that they gonn pay me

I’m killing shit on a daily, cocaine in the 80’s

Sniffing up hugo, sniffing up bombing like an Israeli

This chronic and woo babies

Only bill, click you this dude is hooving, proving

Breaking bread like a first communion

You’ve been tuned in into this ruthless movement

Got shooters out in ATL like pk suban

Pop shots in at your dome, blowing open like century sam does

Home grown drow smoking, the flow that the fans trust

He in all so floating, you talk with your hands up

And get your nose gone broken

It’s black and white like a panda

Bands a make her dancer, dance to

Whatever’s popping out in Atlanta, santa

3 hours laters I got my grands up

Hands up, put, put, ball, George constanza

Sicker than cancer, circle rappers like ansels

Catch a beat down baby boy till you shittin your pampers

Black as a panther, bars study by nasa

Mastered, many flows, get death the natural disaster

Guns bustin, grown man switch gender

Smell the pretenders, closing lanes if you offended

This only for members, this shit I smoke is tremendous

Inhale from the actions

We the music on my henders that’s rock and roll

My cock control, make hoes propose

They roll my drough cook clean and then fold my clothes

My eyes are low, hydro got me high as slow

I know, I’m an asshole, that’s for sure

You need a 10 I make it work with 2 5’s

Beef like 5 guys, original wise guy

Draw a line in the middle, put the dot on 2 sides

Then watch the city divide

Draw a line in the middle, put the dot on 2 sides

You can see the city divide

I paw the endoride, the music that I provide

Increasing the murder rate, this the ...homicide

Mama push me out, now she screaming baby keep pushing

Chefs scooped a nigga, fans screaming keep cooking

Promoters keep booking, the bitches keep looking

It’s all happening the way they told me that it would

And never out, ever.

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