Jay-Z and Kanye West reached copyright settlement with Syl Johnson

Jay-Z and Kanye West reached copyright settlement with Syl JohnsonThe hip-hop singers and collaborators Jay-Z and Kanye West have recently reached to a settlement in the copyright infringement lawsuit with blues singer Syl Johnson, after the later brought them to court over the sampling of "Different Strokes," a song that rappers seemed to have sampled.

According to TMZ, Johnson claimed the duo didn't cleared the portions in the "The Joy" track which were lifted of his 1967 RnB hit. According to Johnson, who has filed similar suits against Michael Jackson and Cypress Hill, Yeezy initially sought to sample the track on his album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." After he failed to secure the rights in time, Johnson says, the Chicago MC repurposed the sample for his Jay-Z team-up record. After both sides agreed to a settlement, the suit was officially dropped this week. Details regarding dollar amounts have not been disclosed.

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Meanwhile, The Maybach used in their "Otis" music video recently sold for $60.000 at an auction, alst week. The 04 Maybach 57, which retails at around $350,000, was thoroughly dismembered in the Spike Jonze-directed video which was taken off their Grammy award winning collaborative album Watch The Throne. Part of the proceeds from the sale were donated to Save The Children, to help provide food for children in Africa.