JAY TEE, MAC DRE - V-Town Anthem lyrics

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"Hi this is vellejo city police."

(Vellejo Bitch!)

Welcome to the 707... Vellejo Cali... Vellejo (Vallejo!)

(Vellejo Bitch!)

Now I'm been in n' out of trafic.

Drinkin' off that plastic...

Styrofoam and beyond somethin drastic...

Gin sipper. brake flippa...

Ridin with a bitch she a thick stripper.

She shake it, fully butt naked, and every single dolla that she make!,

I take it. we ride it hott keep the engine revvinn... where I'm from? the 707.

Wha'tchyu know about this country? (Country!?)

Wha'tchyu know about coming thru, 40's thumpin,

Wha'tchyu know about hatin the {? }, who made up-Oh Boy!

Cunny and nuthing(Slut). - lil' nigga 707,

Who had to tore that album cover before devon! - lil' nigga.

Oh. we do it super, way back since confucion and mic in da...

I hitch it up to the beat-A

Double L Tee-Jay

Oh nigga you ain't know coolio and free j's

Siezed and rest in peace missed your credit we had you crackin-not that one that had you black and white jackin-twist up the name and game sounds dope, steady vellejo home of the e and the coke, now it's Da Unda Dogg, Fuck a bitch then put it down, represent what's mine and me, represent the V-Town!

Welcome to the 707... Vellejo Cali... Vellejo(Vallejo!)

(Vellejo Bitch!)

I'm from the V where we raise the chron and make G's, gotta get money.

Fuck hoes and blaze trees; we chase cheese.

Blowin swishers in back woods on the track gettin off my good, your wack hood

Can't fuck with the best, so settle for less, you best,

Best to invest in some group with some cess,

From the south to the crest, the road to the west,

The hills to the fence, we all got skillz to represent.

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