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Jay Sean - Who Is Kamaljit? lyrics

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Ahh Mrs Jooti im pleased to tell you that you have given birth to a healthy baby boy.What are

you going to call him?

Ummm i tink i'd like to call himmm Kamaljit.

Kamaljit err what a lovely name.


Who the hell is kamaljit im just gonna tell how it is, i've bin doin it since i was a kid, so im

givin u all i gotta give.(ohh ohh)

Who the hell is Kamaljit ever since steppin in da game, I know life will neva be the same, but

theres some things that will neva change.

[Verse 1]

Bak in da day wen i was just a little minor. Before my motha even spat me out of her vagina. I

was swimmin in my daddys sak wiv a book in my hand wen i focused and spotted a mic being the

crostay gland. I picked it up cautiously but it magnetized me suprised me, I had to fight the

power like the eyes of me. Memorised rhymmes but i kept loosin dem all, so i scribbled down on my

mothas uterus wall.

So years went by and Jay Sean went down in history like superman my composition was a mystery. I

was 2 and other kids were lernin the alphabet but i was revisin schemes to make the catch that i

was out to get. Only 3 and alredy my rhymes were out to win, my shit wud drop so hard that even

pampers cudn't hold it in. Bribed by the geniuses by lyricists and scientists, Only 6 and i

was lecturin my alliances,Even Einstein came to knock upon my door ya know.Pissed off cus i

updated his formula, wen he sniffed the excellence and replaced the mc squared with mc Jay Sean,

change it even no one dares scared cus i went on to steal his nobel prize for being the youngest

mother fuckin genius alive.


[Verse 2]

I aint no gangsta, i aint no hood rat, i aint a thug and i dont call girlz pigeons so i ent no

scrub. I aint talkin about facked which is all for faws and i dont do drive bys or rob or break no

laws.I aint perfect and i aint sayin i got no flaws, naa scratch that im lyin stop yo pause. I aint

a junkie so i ent touched no crack, i neva took any issue or took or smoked a sack. And i aint

rich so i dont drive a lexus or a benz, jeep or a beemer just an escort my friends. And i aint from

the hood i even went to private skool so i have neva had to watch my bak for rendevous and i aint

had it hard

never ruled a night on the streets never hustled on the block or lived a life as a g

and i aint spilled on the paper homie or rapped for cash

i aint ever craved it ...

and i aint black yo you dont have to be black to rap

just look at eminem triple platinum and thats a fact


cough cough cough

aint smokin cigars to keep my rep all day

and i aint dealing with b*tches in the RSPCA

i aint a yankee dont cop me that excuse me geezer

i aint cheatin with naked youngs in the jacuzzi neither

i aint hunged on p, why give me a bacardi breezer

it aint like that it was just some ice in my freezer

aint got hydrolics am i right

cant even come close the last time i tried i musta coughed up and it done broke

i aint braggin but i got skills wen i rhyme

and i aint braggin but you fooled if u be stealing my lines

and im the best you admit ... just how much worse can it get

i aint so famous that i can even bop to the shops

just coz last year i performed on top of the pops

MTV cribz, forget it i got nothing to boast

the truth is, im still living at home with the folks


oi blad i swear he say his name was jay sean u kno

nah nah nah he sed in that new, he sed he wuz tryna sell it

he said his names gay porn on that

WAT! nah man, its jay sean, like back in the day

he was like MC mickey J, u know when u hear that, when he black

doing the whole, the whole rapping tip, i dunno man, i think he's bare confused...!

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