Jay Sean

Jay Sean - Disappear lyrics

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You say that something's missin

Tell me everythin that's on your mind

I wanna listen, we can talk it over

Cuz I know you got your questions

I been unavailable and you need more affection from me, me


I know from this far away, memories fade and feelings change

It's hard keepin us the same, we don't gotta be afraid


Cuz when we're together, yea

Just me and my girl here, yea

Cuz when we're together, yea

The world disappears

Cuz when we're together


I ain't one for cheatin, I'll be out so frequently

I might have fooled around for sure,

Ain't no rhyme or reason, you're all that I believe in

I would be a fool to let you go

(Pre-Chorus) + (Chorus x 2)

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