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Jason Mraz - Gyspy MC

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I'd like to give a shout out to all the g-y-ps and

Individualize because I am an MC. I can because I care

Cause my family's there cause I, cause I

Cause I appreciate the mentality of music

Saving all my sentences unless of course I'm smoothly spoken

Quiet type the kind to watch out for

No man of the clan perpetrating the scam

Sure I'm the boy with the fallopian voice

Straight from the sleeve of any wizard of choice

I got the reason to be roamin' out the coverage area

Send me the bill if all my lovin' is scarin' ya

Dare you to dream the way that I believe

Got the skill to go commando in any fatigues

I got the best damn band in the music scene

Oh I can even flow solo or just let it be

Because of the love

Oh the self-realization is the if and but

Cause you gotta know your name before you play-a the game

Keep a level-headed check on your health and stay sane

Address the tack on the track put the needle on the record and

Prepare for playback

Say Jack

Could I buy another vowel I need another clue

And I could also use a towel

And how goes the medium tempo

Slaying all the teachers like the class of '84

And down low you know that my fidelities go

And I would never hurt a fly with my flip-flops on

Got control

Even keep a clean toilet bowl

2000 flushes blue and it's still going strong

Do I do what I do for the sake of the song

Comin' through on the radio it's for you

This is proof my own story's a spoof

I'll always be a gypsy or forever be aloof

And if you never get to liking me it's okay too

Well you've made it this far so pay a toll at the booth

And move on

Yeah I got top score on Donkey Kong

Move on

Move on

Move-a-move-a-move-a-move-a move on

True or false? I can be a sensitive man

With sensible plans for the everyday woman

And I can keep a eating out the palm of my hand

Because the dope that we smoked was grown on my land

The words I burn they don't come from a can

The movie in my mind will be the winner at Cannes

So take your chance a plot of full or part-time romance

Clever as a bell don't measure up to whatever

Cause it don't matter how tall, how fat, or how small

The equal opportunity is open to all

The casting call the line forms down the hall

All you need is ID that shows that you're legal

But people with egos well you better not go

Cause you know I don't need those

And if there is a problem that I really oughta read

Post it on the web care of R-K-O-P

It's easy like me but a bit less the sleazy

Go heavy on the melody and add a little cheese

And if you can't stand the kitchen, get the hell out the heat

To meet with the geek all you need is a

Heart beat beat beat beat beat beat beat

And remember that fame

Fame is nothing more than loving someone

And that fortune is nothing more than loving what you do

Is nothing more than loving you

[I'm here at a very big hole]

Well, I'm type A positive and just the way I like it

Right away I'm satisfied with my food before I try it

Can't deny it to save my life, I'm never lying

To brave this mic without the same thing twice

Is actually an act to staying up all night

With the mood just right

And the purchase of a flight from the west coast

To the northern lights

It's aurora borealis' company that I'm tight with

Despite all the things that you've heard

I'll admit that most is true and I'll be keeping my word

By doing double-duty on a search for new verbs

I report to work early to deliver the worm

With a back well covered by the buddies of ease

And no way in hell that I could ever catch a disease

And breaking all the codes on the latest machines

Well I'll even let you download me for free

I'm free

I'm free

Just remember that fame

Fame is nothing more than loving someone

And fortune is nothing more than loving what you do

And in the eyes of love

Love will overcome

Love will overcome

Well love

Will over

Over overcome

It's true

Cause look what you've done to me

To the gypsy

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