JASON DERULO - Try Me lyrics

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ft. Jennifer Lopez

(Verse: Jason Derulo)

I like the way that you body move all over the floor

I like to find a way to get lost in you

Yeah x 3

I wanna talk to you baby, say what’s on your mind

Tell me anythin’ that you wanna do

Yeah x 3

(Pre chorus)

Baby we all just lookin’ for some love in the night

Got a crazy feelin’ that I fit it’s just right


Try me, in the mornin’

When the sun come risin’ up

Try me, in the afternoon

And you just can’t get enough

Try me, in the evenin’

Satisfaction guarantee

Baby I got what you need

You gotta try me

Try me, talk to me

(Verse: J. Lo.)

Let’s go and find a place

And get to know each other more

It’s all on your face, I know you like what you see

Yeah x 3

I don‘t want for your baby

But you can’t take your time

Let the music bring your body to me

(Pre chorus : Both) + (Chorus: both)


Bring that body closer, I wanna feel your skin up on mine

Like now I really know ya

I’m grabbin’ that ass from behind

I swip that T. wine

I get chills down the spine

As we’ve been

Girl we might be right



Yeah try me x 2

Uuh, yeah for all my girls x 2

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