JASON DERULO - Thing For Her lyrics

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ft. Nexx Chapter


that girl is just so precious

the way she look ..

now I am gonna flirt her

shawty is a ten

and she don’t even know it

I am feeling wanna get with her

I got a thing for her (repeat)

And she don’t even know it

I gotta made it girl

I got a thing for her .. about the …

Got now at the club how to get yeah

I get her a watch bro I am gonna turn her loose

See she got a thing for me too been telling to all them friends

but she stays put playing games I already told her nobody wins

.. for a compliment but that’s chasing all the hurt

I know you got your reputation as the harder love

Baby it’s ok cause I prefer it on the low as well

You know I like to sell/sail?

I am having fantasies wish I could have it know

Ain’t .. but I can promise I’m gonna put it down

See baby you know who I am

As long as you .. what I wnana do

Is it ok if I whisper in your ear baby

And tell all the other freaky shit I know you wanna hear baby

Just a smile and I know that is all .. patrol


In the back you can see me ..

I want your body nest

So lucky you let me have

Get ready to lose your breath baby

I take the breath away

While we let the .. breath

Maybe she is the one

Maybe finally

I can find peace

Feels like you are mine bee

As if you always been

Part of the plan

I just gotta let you win

I sense your confidence

But your guard is down

Our hearts are .. know something can be as loud

And the way you hold yourself together

What in the way

Most girls can’t look me in the eyes

But you can look up way

Is that movie love game .. best of us

So can we trust and pass ideas

Like we are religious meant to be

.. you most to know sexual

Tension in the air

Only one way to find out baby


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