JASON DERULO - Pull Up lyrics

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I just got a brand new whip in the yard

Ya can drive it when ya want but ya got to keep that top down for me

I'm just tryna push this shit, don't start

Up and down ur boulevard, girl I had to pull ya ova fo' the jeans


Look at that sexy body

Look at that trunk in the back

I'mma get a little bit ratchet

Cuz I neva seen a girl like that


Ya know I had to skrr, pull up

Pull up, oh yeah, skrr, I had to pull up

I'mma make ya mine bu bu baby, make ya mine bu bu baby

Make ya mine bu bu baby, make ya mine bu bu baby

(Verse 2)

Girl I got to get that Coupe for two, you'd be amazed what we could do

We can roll these windows down so they all see

Gon and throw that thing in reverse, look back at it

Throw ur hair, no body, look back at it, ya gon' make somebody wanna call the police




Look at that sexy body I neva seen curves like that when we do it baby

Look at that sexy body, ya know that it drives me mad

Skirt, pull up! Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, take that thing like a repo

I'mma beat that thing, ya my cheat code wen I'm done we gon knock the fuck out


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