JASON DERULO - Perfect lyrics

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Yeah, you make me<br />

You make me, ooh, <br />

Yeah yeah, <br />

<br />

I really lost it in my mind, <br />

Tryna figure out a way, <br />

To make you understand, <br />

I can't go on another day, <br />

Baby I was wrong, <br />

Maybe confused and let astray, <br />

Please gimme one more chance, <br />

Coz I can't take what's happening, <br />

<br />

Have you ever lost someone, <br />

Tryna take it back but the damage is done, <br />

Thought of loosing you makes me feel so sad, <br />

How am I gonna sleep when it feel this bad, <br />

<br />

I know enough's enough, <br />

It's goin' to be tough to get through this, <br />

I'll never be perfect, <br />

I'll never be cool, <br />

I'll always be nothin' unless I'm with you, <br />

Coz you make me perfect, <br />

Tell me what can I do, <br />

The pieces are missing, <br />

When I'm not with you, <br />

<br />

(You make me, ) ooh<br />

You make me, ooh<br />

(You make me, ) ooh<br />

You make me, ooh<br />

(You make me, ) ooh<br />

Ohh, ooh, ooh

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