JASON DERULO - Cyber Luv lyrics

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feat. MIMS (Radio-Edit)<br />

<br />

We back<br />

I am digital MIMS<br />

I'm the king of the web<br />

I ain't no R&B singer but still I put you to bed<br />

Show you how that super charge ride<br />

Call that a hard drive<br />

You get it? <br />

A hard drive<br />

And I'm passing them by like false side<br />

I'm worldwide<br />

Ya'll just want me to feel<br />

Why? <br />

100 foot docs<br />

The world is mine<br />

Coming soon (soon)<br />

Til that time I bring you…<br />

<br />


<br />

Cyber luv (x 8)<br />

Let's GO<br />

<br />

I say your place or mine? <br />

What's your address on line? <br />

She said "www HOTGIRL"<br />

Added her as a friend<br />

She wanted me to log in<br />

So I could www ROCK HER WORLD<br />

<br />

COURUS:<br />

Freaks like me just want to get physical<br />

Who says we can't get far<br />

Love is digital<br />

<br />

Cyber (Cyber) Luv (x4)<br />

<br />

I don't want to turn you off<br />

But put your Micro-soft<br />

Something on your website is making me hard drive<br />

How'd you like it if I took you world-wide (world-wide)<br />

We could get in to in back at my space<br />

You could be my top friend<br />

You could bring a few friends<br />

If you're that kind of girl<br />

<br />

COURUS<br />

<br />

Cyber (Cyber) Luv (That's cyber love)<br />

Cyber (Cyber) Luv (That's cyber love)<br />

Cyber (Cyber) Luv (Mmm)<br />

Cyber (Cyber) Luv (Yeah)<br />

<br />

Cyber Love (x8)<br />

<br />

Let's GO<br />

I know you want me to press some key to be with you<br />

And if we get closer download me to your bedroom<br />

Tell me your password so I can get in<br />

Press down the shift key so we can begin<br />

<br />

You Got Mail (x 8)<br />

<br />

CHORUS<br />

<br />

Cyber (Cyber) Luv (That's cyber love)<br />

Cyber (Cyber) Luv (That's cyber love)<br />

Cyber (Cyber) Luv (Oh, Yeah)<br />

Cyber (Cyber) Luv<br />

<br />

Cyber Love (x4)

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