Jasad - F F F lyrics

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To revel in prostitute

Came with new attitude

Express all my distaste

Command to an execute

Find new way of sexual intercourse

Somekind of sexual abuse

Caused whore's cunt are too large

And my penis are too small

Fuck with fist

Fuck with fucking fist!

You bitch, doesn't you enjoy it

My fist already penetrate yet

Now open your thighs wide

Taste my fist like a dick

Blood menstrual lubricating cunt

Fist pumping disgusting hole

Now I fucking you harder again and again

Again and again!

You are stupid whore

I smell your death on the air

As stench out from your cunt

Covered by the nasty beauty

I will never kill you bitch

Until my lust completed

I will let you alive

My prosaic pathetic whore

The pitiless feast on the pity face

Pumping the hairless cunt

Menstrual chunk melt by my fist

Flamed desires drowned in lust

Suck my cock while my fist penetrate

I will not put my fist until I cum

Blood stained the embedded hand

Fist holing the stench

Don't swallow my sperm

Let me cum on your face

Lick the bloodstained fist

Eat your menstrual chunk!

Fist punched face

Fist hole the stench

Fist fucked feast

Fist fucking the rest

Fist punched head, fist holed cunt

Slowly torture in pain

Fist fucked face, fist race on face

Slowly torture in pain

Fist carved the graceful lady

Slowly torture in pain

Fist fucked the disgusting hole

Torned vaginal skin

Pumped menstrual chunk

Ripped the clitoral organ<br />

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