JANET JACKSON - Take Me Away lyrics

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Once upon was a dream that sounded crazy, baby

If fairytales are mine, u would be the one that saved me, oh baby

Anytime I vision that u are my paradise

It's you that be born here, don't even know it

So even wit a million miles distance between us

I know you'll be there to help me escape


Take me away from here

Just somewhere where we disappear

Take me away from here

Oh somewhere where luv has no fear

(Verse 2)

You'll always be this fire that was sent to save me

From intimate danger

But who's playin' my mind, I'm about to lose it

But you're the game changer

Oh this silly heart of mine, lost in a cutie pie

It still turns me on, it keeps gettin' stronger

Ooh I get a natural high just looking in his eyes

So just hold me close, I'm waitin' for u

(Chorus x2)

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