JANET JACKSON - Black Eagle lyrics

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(Once you know

You can't not know)


Do you know about the black eagle

Let me tell you about the black eagle

Strong and powerful king of the sky

Protectin all things with his watchful eyes

Faithful creature to the most high

What are the visions that he holds

(Hook x 2)

You never know

Unless you've been there


Beautiful soul I haven't met

A spiritual connection I'll never forget

Your precious life


Sharin his love that is meant for us all

Come outta the shadows into the light

Free to imagine the future you like

Soarin above all of your boundaries

Yes the day will come

Just remember when you're overwhelmed

Dream and take some time to love yourself

Believe you're free to do whatever you want

No no more room number four



I'm singin this love song to show my support

To the beautiful people who have been ignored

With blind eyes and cold shoulders attackin em

Invisible people they won't let fit in

Let's open our eyes to the true barriers

Stereotypical things are the worst

Stand face to face with the real ugly truth

How would you feel if that was you?

Cuz every life matters

(We all need to do better)

So we all should try

(We all need to do better)

A smile

A kind word

Or extendin a hand

Helpin someone to feel human again

If we never start

It could be you on the other end


[You never know

(We all need to do better)] x 2

You never know

No no

You never know

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