JANET JACKSON - 2 B Loved lyrics

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Everybody wants to be needed

Everybody needs to feel loved

I feel like you been deleted

Cuz you lost your love


You don't be lookin for true love

Let it come to you

It's right in front of you

Grab it

Thought I never will be perfect

I'm perfect for you

What you deserve in love

I have it


Oh I just

Wanna live in your heart and mind

Be your everythin combined

I want you to need me

Share love with you

Til the end of time

Cuz everybody needs to be loved



You see I'm not the kinda girl you gotta babysit no, no,

If you have things to do I understand it

Send me 2 dozen roses I think that's beautiful

But a single rose is so romantic



Love your technique (oh, yeah)

When you speak (to me)

When I hear your voice

I know love is real

Together complete (I promise)

All treat (no drama)

I just wanna let you know

How I feel

(Bridge – Outro)

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