Jacks Of All Trades

Jacks Of All Trades - G U C Me lyrics

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Shadow of death talking my life as I`m walking alone feeling the pain for

every simple second seeds you to sown as I`m blown to desert and adjusting the wind

Found my inner seeming nothas` where to begin my life surden as the burden for the

Search for meaning as I`m screaming `n bleeding against the what you were seeing

My life`s worthless for the sight, you fastword, you loved me everytime when it hurts

Won`t you come across that scene

And tell me what ya mean

Uttering how God can see me but I can`t see Him

Won`t you come across that scene

And tell me what ya mean

It doesn`t fit into my head but into my heart instead

God you see me

God you see me

And now that I`m hurting I can feel away the weight of the world on my

shoulders and as it`s causing this life, `cause world just keeps gettin colder

And older I get the more that I hate still beatin` down myself with the

satan I created and all my dreams are shed, but what it will matter....

Jesus hold in your arms as I lost my mind, like the dog that claims no hell

never crossed my mind

There is no cave that you could hide from Him

He is the light that cleans us from sin

Into 5 star hotel into dustbin

He can see you but you can`t see Him

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