Jackie Gonzalez

Jackie Gonzalez - U got Me lyrics

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You're the best

thing that's ever happened to me

No, I don't

need to change a thing

About you

I think all day

couldn't be more proud to say you're my man

I believe

U are part of my biggest dreams

Couldn't wish for more

when you give me all

you make me feel complete

Never thought I'd find

what they call "True Love"

and here you are with me

you're the reason I sing

and write 10 songs a day

you have the power to bring me down

and lift me back up again

U know... U got Me

U know... U got Me

U got ma heart in your hands

U know... U got Me

There's no place

like the one I have in your arms

Not a chance ...

for me to give up

Love the way

you always care

made me love my self for just who I am

Let me kiss

your lips and blow your mind away

Every time I look right into your eyes

whatever pain is gone

each and every moment we share

is a new story to be told

Never felt this before

you're like a dream comes true

guess you knew all along

That I belong to you

Cuz U know... U got Me U know... U got Me

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