J-ZONE - Q & A lyrics

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Hi J-Zone, my name is Lisa Mitchell from Fuck-Off Magazine

and I'd like to do this interview with you


Oh really


You released two albums for critical acclaim and acquired a fanbase

but a lot of people still never heard of you

Tell us who J-Zone is

[ J-Zone]



Where you're from




Your goals








The people need informing




Who are you?




How did I start? Dumb question

Where am I from? None of your business

You're bluffin, what the fuck is this?

But as for my goal, I want a Caddy, feel me?

And three dime chicks callin me daddy dearly

(Describe yourself) Chicks call me a cheapskate

I mean I took her on a date, she thinkin: me gonna eat steak

I pick up the check if they don't ask too much

But if that menu looks French we goin Dutch

Some chicks would define me as a asshole

Cause the only do' I show will get em boardwalks, so past go

(What about beats?)

I don't make synthesizer beats, blow me

Only Casio I own is my imitation Roley

Rap for free, what the fuck?

(Now what we have here is a failure to communicate)

You ain't gettin promos if you ain't a DJ

Hit Jumpers for beats and get my clothes off of E-Bay

Native New Yorker, hate the Knicks and the Giants both

( ? ) for President's the only way I try and vote

(Do you freestyle?)

Yup, but you can't hear it till you pay me

Up the dough, there you go, that's the spirit

Me do your beats for free cause you the best?

You'll have the hottest acapellas on the planet

(I see, so you don't do beats for free?)

I gotta get my platinum teeth somehow, right?

(Speaking of money, can you survive off music?

Do you have a day job?

Are you really a Old Maid Billionaire?

Or is it all an act?

What about your love life?

Is there a Ms. J-Zone?

What's up with Lucy Liu?

The people need to know)


Do I have a day job? Yes, to rest and dress

Buy gasoline and lean, marinate and look great

Sleep and count sheep, yo, it's a tough nine to four to have

I left the last hour for them kids that want my autograph

(What'd you do if you weren't making music?)

I'd play for the Jets, fuck it, athletes rap

Shaquille O'Neal can plug a mic and spit a rap off?

I could go hut, hike and run a half back toss

(What about your crew?)

Shid, Huggy Bear, Jz

Dick Stallion and my homie Contakt, there it is

Girls think I'm stingy, nah, I ain't believin that

What we ain't bonin? Bitch, gimme my CD back

Cause of this behavior now they don't like me

Zone, I don't trick, that's why I'm bagged up nightly

But as for gettin married, only if it's Lucy Liu

Hey Lucy, if you're listenin, baby, I propose!

But if she has a look-alike and I'm gettin paid right

I don't know, fuck it, maybe, I suppose

But back to Lucy Liu, _Payback_ changed my life

And I ain't quittin till that hottie been named my wife

But bein that Lucy ain't here you my flavor

This interview is done hon, what you doin later?


Yo come here, come here


Yo stop, stop it

[J-Zone ]



Yo, get off me, come on, stop

[ J-Zone ]

Come here baby, damn, you got a banger on you


Stop, yo, quit fuckin with me


You got a backyard on you




Come here


J-Zone, stop



Lift your shirt up


Stop it

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