J. RAWLS - Face It

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Face it allt eh ..

Face it with a smile of you

Face it .. I have to ..

Face it with a smile ..

Learn who I was for good brothers ..man

there’s always gonna be nice I was destined

do it rollin and save my friend ‘cause .. what I began

from .., but for .. I caught ..

Broke rules and took chances, start it like .. a few glances

Watch ... unclosen

Look it to myself become a man

Got a ...built what my father still and ..supreme being

To all I’m seeing, that’s why I survive

I’m not sayin that I’m the best to lie,

but I believe that I wanna the top .. that’s the line you’ve ..

teach acknowledge, wisdom, I’m understanding that world is the ..

Please God, that’s what I’m talking about

we gotta left to young people what it is, what hip hop is man

see this new hip hop it no .. no thought man

it don’t spread no knowledge man, we don’t give them nothing man

but is so .. to give the acknowledge, that wisdom, that understanding

..drop the jewel on me.

Why we’re tryin believe practic .. public school ..

wasn’t ..to give us 3 Mc’s the recipe’s that ..

this is why I keep my hip hop ....

black my fish, ...and hated but I’m proud to be that..

I’m proud to be black, some perspective has suggested my commercial ..

..so white ..don’t easy .. play my .. that I’ll be teaching ... before they talk

We need guys like you to drop the jewels it’s more .. on the radio

What they see on the video’s they gotta go .. for knowledge you gotta search for ti

My man .. hit em again.

..let ..quality talk ...

what a black man freakin ... my brother on the ..

we got history God there’s no mystery God

we’re true living .. gold’s teach wise living ..

they’re the best part black man and women

please ..everywhere I’ma say peace and leave that in the air

what 25.000 ..back on my square ..freedom .. ‘cause that’s ..

When I was grown we had positive .. I just .. rockin they told me things ...

Young people pick up the good man face it

And just like that we keep it movin

To all you rappers I challenge you man so it a little educate ..money ..

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Thanks to garbo

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