J. HOLIDAY - Ghetto

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New day same thing, we got people in the streets

But the governmeny ain't doin' a damn thing, and all we investing in is

Hydro and liquor stores SS 4 doors and 24's

But where I'm from thats what we live for, the ghetto so

If you're livin in the ghetto and your feelin me

Let me hear you say OH,OH,OH

If you're sick and tired of the same thing

It's alright to say OH,OH,OH

Cuz you know the Po Po's the project and the old folk

That waht we see 24 in the ghetto, corner spots crack rocks and gun shots

Good time the bad times the same place with the sam rhymes

You need to stop waitin' round for the punch line

Cuz ain't nothin change but the time

Ain't nothing changed same place same thang, just a different day in the ghetto

I know cuz I been there on the same block in the same gear

Drinkin', smokin', wishin', hopin,

And if you're gettin sick and tired of the same thing

It's alright to say OH,OH,OH

If you're livin' in the ghetto and you're feelin me

Let me hear you say OH,OH,OH

Now what you know about the block after dark in the park

The holes in ya shoes makin holes in ya socks

Roaches in the kitchen wit no food for ya pots

Or ya hands on ya head gettin pressed by the cops

What you know about the hood when it's good when it ain't

Sittin in the stoop witcha weed and ya drank

With the old winos askin if you got change

But if you ask me ain't shit changed

I done seen plenty of cats get they ass knocked out

If you come round here better not run your mouth

I ain't never been a thug but I still get down

Shots to SE to uptoen

What you know about rent when it can't get paid

Ya can't get a coupe so you get a Chevrolet

And ya momma on her knees all she can do is pray

But where I'm from this is life same shit different day

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