J. Dale

J. Dale - Rear End lyrics

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Walked up in the club

And the first thing that I’ve seen is

With a booty so big, got a nigger can’t act right,

A couple more shots,

And I’m a be..

We’re V.I.P status.

Oh, oh, it’s something like…

Girl, you know I kind have this.

Back, back, back it up and drop it

Girl, now you’re waiting something!


All upon your rear end,

You got your sweat up

Keep doing what you’re doing!

.. make it drop

All upon rear end

All upon


Damn I really start to like it

You got me so excited

All all you like is so perfume

Now what it takes for me to have you

No matter I’m do whatever it takes

.. to my place

Whatever you want …

Your body got me upon on you

Grooving that thing just the way you do


How many girls wanna lay this party

Well I’m gonna .. and get real naughty

I’m looking for a real .. young shorty

Roll over that body


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