J. COLE - Wireless Festival 2011 Freestyle

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One time for the blunt blowers

Smoke seeping through the front door's

To them niggas throwin' dirt on my name

Bet that flame get you wet

Let it rain, now you mud throwers

Holla, holla, dog off the collar

Lord knows I be pimpin' like I'm Creflo dollar

Inside of my mind, designed like a haunted mansion

So I'm rich with thoughts like Charles Manson

Handsome so hoes screaming like they saw Hanson

Nigga your single is the pause anthem

Pause, for the applause

Walk on stage the cuties throwin' they draws

You walk on stage, they coochies gon' menopause

That mean I'm the shit you the stars

Lord, please forgive me, I'm easing over these tracks

Sneezing on all of the rappers knowin' they wet

Back to the wall, a nigga never fall

No, in fact I shine, you niggas past your prime

And I'm nowhere near mine

I think it's that time

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