J. COLE - Winter Schemes (feat. Wale)

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When this came from the summer dreams

When it seems to be come routine, this my thing

Under dog, never under yard

I touch ‘em and the city like they hunted out

Never put it on, last thing I need it’s for dance

My dad it’s just graduated from …

Great school ‘cause a nigga like to drunk up

I see the rappers in the jim side, town up

I see the rappers on the road no one showed up

I feel possible the blame let me own her

I’m sorry brand new Ferrari, really I’m just fucking I really don’t mind discursion that

That we got it like Beyonce, video was just for stocking

Scared from master guest, cause if I fuck around the crash

That wouldn’t be my ass, that would be a million cash

Million cash? And I just got rich.

How you gonna a take a million from me?

I just got this, came a long way to just get this guest

Was in the house, when I pass?

Wasn’t ‘bout the money there cause he got the checks

…know he’s single, just a lot of fucking gifts nigga no…

I’m the reason that your old bitch its single

Gave the dick made her whole shit, tell her, you still feel me?

….hear me Lord

Let me cure the game and bring the game, don’t kill me

More type before I die just believe that

These rappers rich as fuck but they don’t know where they size at

Its ashamed niggas lay, this is fine for you

I got to be the only one that didn’t change for you?

I saw you looking through trash, and brought change for

Open up the lane do I got say prays for you?

...but fuck stress…

I just step into a rain and do the motherfucker thing

Motherfucker thing

...but fuck stress…

I just step into a rain and do the motherfucker thing

Spring green but I wouldn’t switch it and in the summer I won’t got it …

book in order bitches …that our future it’s like …

Dad gives me talent, mama gives me passion, got Rihanna featuring, you should see my demo


Nigga wear … just a classical nigga


With shooters …I am dizzy, I’m high, I’m tripping, I fly

Forgive me, that’s right you’re with me

…’til I bust out, then bust out …

New black soul, new black soul, new black soul, ‘aitn took my home

I’m searching in a new mode

This bitches to, to.., you nigga stay too slow

We got you but I’m Picasso …

I’m thinking more like …

And I’m just saying if I won’t make it

Still I keep shit real, I ‘aint never be a sucker .., can’t fucking stop it

And I fucking do it, like a legend …

And I’ll do it for the nigga how promise to future this, new black soul, …

And it’s like that, like that

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