J. COLE - Who Dat Pt. 2

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[Verse 1:]

Back up on my 1, 2, 3 metaphors

I'm rhyming with CD, you would think I'm in stores

And y'all know me, I'm D-O-P-E

Screaming skins all day, no MTV

I see a girl giving out blows like a prize fighter

I'm on top of the words: call me a highlighter

Oral sex in the morning: that's a head start

Words like bullets, yeah I'm shopping like a leg mart

State of the Tar Heel, fuck how y'all feel

Young but I'm good, I got that fuckin John Wall feel

While y'all pissed off, I sit and sip Cristal

Hornets next flow, I assist like Chris Paul

Flow like a quick river, lines like a stick figure

So many drinks, I'll probably borrow someone else's liver

And I'm warming up just like a fireplace

I know I'm an acquired taste, go ahead and try to hate

Flow just a brainiac?

I'm smoking Huckleberry so I guess I'm Mark Twaining that

They told me I was insane?

I'm tryna get my chain on track

So you should probably counteract the fact

That you were typing that

[Verse 2:]

Who dat who dat? You know who you doing it for?

I mean, the game was all bad just a week ago

Rap was bullshit - listen, I ain't hating tho

Now brother, I don't have to fuck with? Satan ho

She can't tell the difference, I been through? condition

Wishing for air conditioning

Feeling whatever I'm listening

Now I'm on television, and did I forget to mention

Your bitch is tired of missionary, boy you failed the mission

Man, just look at how elevated

Real niggas celebrate it, nigga fuck whoever hated

My life accelerated, I had to wait my turn

Then I redecorated

That means my tables turned

Live life, might as well, only way to learn

Just try and fear? only way to earn

So if you're selling crack or if you're selling rap

Make sure it's mean so the fiends keep coming back


[Verse 3: Childish Gambino]

I don't steal your girl: test me

I stay Childish: watch me breast-feed

Grandfather ran numbers: a criminal in Harlem

The only thing he used to make was trouble with my father

Father had me, said "stay away from cocaine! "

Blood strain is gangster, my swag screams dope game

I talk real nigga, this is what you ask for

I shit green like vegetarian assholes

Lighter than Wayne's pants at the VMA's

Stick to what you good at nigga! Oh, everything?!

Niggas want me everywhere, I'm yelling out "sorry! "

There's only one of me like white girls with black Barbies

Niggas mad that I ain't do shit

I got a fly Asian bitch: that's a Shitsu

Throwing out your jazz, but you don't look like Uncle Phil

Fucking girls from TV shows, my DBR is? ville

Shake it on Youtube, yeah that's a VEVO ho

Black guy with a white boy's Cleveland show

I don't know, all I wanted was different things

Hope these hood niggas don't blow me off when they're listening

All I do is work with white guys who are in their 50's

And for some reason these white people think that it's interesting...

Too many girls, but still not enough of me

I love pussy like that old lady up the street

Everything I spit is compilated and best of

Black nerds run shit: go and ask? estlove

I'm a hit it twice: retail

I got a package like a gansta: G-mail

Google and a penis reference, same sentence, goody goody!

I love my dick so much they let a nigga host the Woodys

Got a whole barbershop like "oh man, this shit is tight! "

Solid shit... one wipe...

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