J. COLE - Villematic

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To the college kids no scholarships, starting your semester

Unpacking your suitcases filling up your dresser

Enjoy it while you got it, after that it's God bless ya

Life is your professor, you know that bitch is gon test ya

I got some shit I'd like to get off my chest

I spill out my soul, I spit out my stress

And can I spit out my stress?

It's the feeling in the air you bout to drop a real classic

He said Cole, "a lil birdy told me on the low you got an Illmatic"

Nobody touching Nas nigga it's more like Villematic

Uh, these fayettnam tales be paying off well

What story is my audio theatre gon tell

I know my debut will ship, but is it gon sell?

I guess it's in God's hand's

I make the type of pieces that make Jesus say God damn

That's for your non-believers, I'm the truth only time will teach ya

And fuck the haters probably never love they momma's neither

Old bitter-ass sit around in middle class

Homes with computers on hating on the newest song

While you was browsing I was taking out them student loans

Tryna to do this shit better than the niggas we grew up on

Name a fucking song I ain't threw up on

Talk is cheap, it's like ya'll grew up in a Jewish home!

Pardon the stereotype

But ya'll giving me mixed feeling's like you married a white woman

One minute I'm over-rated, next minute I'm the saviour

You hate it before you played it, I already forgave ya

For bullshitttin' and the nigga Cole spittin' that real

Wrote this line on a plane got flown straight from the Ville

To Miami, where the same time last year

I was broker than you, I just wanna make that clear

Cause now I'm dealing with money I've never seen before

And RnB bitches want me, that was just dreams before

Now do I give in to the temptation I'm facin'

The thought of losing a good woman keep me from chasin'

But I'm just a man, at time's the timing is wrong

Plus my dick is like a man with a mind of it's own

But I'm trying to be strong, remind myself she ain't about shit

These hoes the same, all that change is the outfit

Looking for chesse on some mouse shit

Suck a nigga, fuck a nigga, than go run they mouth quick

Rappers took a vacation I came over the house sit

You want change, this that "between the seats in your couch" shit

The fuck you thought, I lost it

All that flame on my name would get exhausted

Au contraire my nigga they all ears

Sit back, enjoy the ride it's finna be a long year, yeah

It's finna be a long year, yeah

I know you feel that,

The tingle in your spine don't conceal that

Don't conceal that

This exactly what you thought

Somebody bought the real back


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