J. COLE - The Good Son Part 1

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Same life man yeah

Same life

Allow me to set the scene first

This little n-gga no older than 17 in a Martin Luther King shirt

Walking down the mean merc where the fiends lurk

And the same dirt’ll find a n-gga

Even if you tryna get that clean work

He caught eyes with a bad bitch in a jean skirt

She gave him a mean smurk, he smiled back

He remember this man that hit that shit a while back

He met her, f-cked her, never dialled back

How n-ggas do? he kept it moving, couldn’t wait to get home

Report card for his mother couldn’t wait to get shown

Straight A’s as usual, his momma would smile

Youngest child, college bound

Knew his momma was proud

Cause he was headed out the hood

He promised himself one day he’d get her out for good

That made him smile

The favorite child, but damn, fate is foul

Drive by, stray bullets that laid him out

On the pavement fading out

Now he bleeding thinking, God, man, you couldn’t wait a while

My momma struggling who gon save her now, huh?

Now he fading out thinking God, you couldn’t wait a while?

My momma need me, who gon save her now, n-gga? uh

Yeah, he’s fading out, her favorite child

He’s fading out

Yeah, he’s fading out, her favorite child

He’s fading out

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