J. COLE - Stay

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You can drop a wet floor sign down for the tears

God in my court day the 2 things I fear

Man they tryina give a nigga years

I’m tryina figure if I should even appear or

Should I escape town, catch a grey hound

Change my name right, catch a plane flight

Out the country let them motherfuckers hunt me

Could catch me if you want me, know they lock me if I stay

But where I’ma run to, I got a good girl

We got a son too, and all we went through

We ain’t seen eye to eye, but what you told me way back

You was a ride or die so if they give me one, or if they give me two

Or if a nigga gotta sit down and do a few

Before I go baby I gotta know what would you do

Would you find someone new or would you

Stay, like the hoes when they lay with me

Puppy eyes when I go sayin stay with me

Oh girl you bad as hell and yeah I love too

But see I got a girl I’m really making love to

Therefore I’m feelin more guilty when I rub you

That’s why I skip all that kissin when I fuck you

Flush the condom down the toilet then I escape

I had you but you can’t have me, I never stay,

Life in the home town, before I could take a step

I’m getting grown now, and start to notice

That I see the same hoes round

Guess they have to go round,

My raps is profound, I got the flows

But yet a nigga got no sound

Copped the beat machine, I’m cooking my own now

Got my mind on the city where it goes down

See if I’ma get to with I am going

Then I can’t stay

Although I love it here, I’d be damned if I sit around another year

Dreaming dreams hopin somehow that they just appear

The hardest part of living is to know my mother here

Oh but I’m coming back,

Oh boy believe that

But show the little niggas boy you can achieve that

Got the city on my shoulders, piggy back

Hello my name is cole and I’m here to stay.

Thanks to PG for correcting these lyrics

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