J. COLE - Shook Ones Freestyle

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[Freestyle over Mobb Deep's: "Shook Ones Pt. 2" beat]



Yeah, look how I came up!


'Ey, look how I came up, nigga!

'Ey look!


Momma I came up! - Cold as hell in New York, but I flame up

Straight up out that dirty type of shit you cannot clean up.

A dollar and a dream the only things I had to bring up,

Now any nigga out there gunnin' for me, gotta aim up!

Say what? - NIggas ask me what the 'Ville be like

Just tell 'em that it's real. - Hoping that they me feel me, right?

I'm so bright! - I close my eyes and I can still see light

I'm so live, you motherfuckers gotta kill me twice;

Man I promise! - I'm murdering classics, paying my homage

The 15th of the month and I'm just now paying Mohammed.

Said: The rent's due on the first! "

But he don't know the shit I been through, and it hurts.

Can't wait to blow! - Yeah, I think about heaven sometimes, can't wait to go

If it's real; will I even get in? - I ain't fo' sho'.

Cause I've been sinning,

Gettin' bent it's been a minute since I been

Up in a church,

Only time is when my friend up in a hearse!

Lord, I'm praying for me my momma, I just went up in her purse!

Not to steal! - All I saw was some bills and not a dollar

In sight! - In time she'll live the more desirable life, I'm chasing money!

And dreams only God got the means to take 'em from me!

I scheme while I'm ridin' through Queens,

I ain't no dummy! - A Fayettenom repper 'til the day that I'm gone.

Nigga get your weight up all the way up if you hatin' on me,

Cause boy I might pray but ain't no preying on me!

I'm hot like Satan, just laying on me!

So when you get to hell you can say you know me!

I said I might pray but ain't no preying on me!

So when you get to hell, you can say you know me!


Yeah, what?


One shot y'all.



Ain't a damn thing, man.


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