J. COLE - Shock The World

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<strong>Shock The World Lyrics</strong>

life make a n-gga wanna yell out,

change for the fame, how n-ggas turn sell out,

too old for my mama crib i’m tryin to get the hell out,

stayin out these cells but we working on that bail out,

help out.. please, it sure is hard livin with out cheese,

aint s--t in my pocket only these house keys,

they pray for a n-gga but yet they doubt me

that’s why i’m out getting higher than bel-vees,

but no i wont jump, being broke is childish you know i’m grown up

my money runnin’ late tho so boy i wont front,

when my paper finally make it you should know i’m gonna stunt

soo, hard

my god, my life is such ?

can’t save me tonight cause times is hard now

i know you tell me don’t let my guard down

i gotta get it my n-gga

never believe what they say

man, i gotta get paid


yo i’ma shock the world

i’ma shock the world

stare inside of the soul of kendrick

while i stare inside the solar… system

hopin’ i soak up enough game to play 3 systems with one controller and remain sane and remain unsober

was closer to my dreams but reality actually told me hold up

no money in my jeans and my salary said “you owe us”

can’t pay them taxes, laid on that matress and feel colder than a polar bear

but this bear was in california

so i felt out a pocket and a piece of lint fell out my pocket

a broke opportunist all in my optics

you could see it even when i’m sleep

my screw’s loose, i hate when loose change fall in them seats

because i need every dime like magic johnson or hugh hefner living in his prime

prime example of youngin’ on his grind

this the life of a compton n-gga

i know the vanities of the world like the promise n-ggas

that’s why we crooked in yo bushes where you find us n-gga you better scramble before you fold like an omelet n-gga

this ain’t insomnic n-gga and that means i don’t need busters to front on me

a bible in my pocket i’m walkin’ like it’s a gun on me

so when i catch a fed they know to put more than one on me

fear no evil, i can still see regals pullin’ up

n-ggas tuck like a baby in fetal. . . position

if you listen you can hear the city needs you

that’s what my mind said

but my big head is tellin’ me that i’m a black beetle

until my number is called and someone yell bingo

a shadow in the dark, park the coupe

then re-coop with the homeless in the park, kendrick lamar

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