J. COLE - Roll Call

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Just got off the phone my nigger smithy

Shit too real back home. real

This for my niggers here, hold your head

I know shit rough but nigger we don't give up

We don't get mad nigger, we just get tough

We just get right nigger, we don't get left

Fuck what they said,

Cause what we learned coming up

You can't teach that shit

Like dealer nigger blows but we eat that shit

This one here's for my brothers we gonna beat that shit

Now, I say my prayers

I got, too many people in my head right now

So many that's in jail, or they're dead right now

One time for my nigger crag right now

He in the feds, damn the times change

And these stupid niggers talking 'bout crime pays

You can keep that shit, I just made a million

Call me when reach that shit

I ain't bragging, I'm just shedding some light

One time for my granny up would happen tonight

And a young boy from a show down in hampton

Told me that my song was the reason he beat cancer

Didn't know what to say, I just froze

Little too deep I suppose

But after a year of review

I figured it out it wasn't me

It was you nigger, congratulations

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