J. COLE - Ny State Of Mind

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<strong>NY State Of Mind Lyrics</strong>

Straight out the dungeons of rap

where fake n-gga don’t make it back

hey, hey, ugh

gossip from those that barely knew my name

i guess they figured I changed witht his new found fame

or this new damn chain

I’m in the new damn lane

now my money taller than Shaq stacked with two Yao Mings

but never mind haters girl

I won’t bring you round lames

rather bring you round Hov

let you meet Bron James

sit you up at VIP and let you sip Champagne

watch the them jealous hoes peeking

mad they just can’t hang

if thats the ishh you into

this life is funny cause despite the money

nothing stops the rain from pouring

life aint always bright and sunny

nothng stops the pain, you just ignore it

and keep fighting hunny

so much drive, aint no cop alive can take my license from me

I’m swerving on em, fast lane

Feyettnaim lifestyle, foot down on the gas man

passport tight now, I’m leaving on the last plane

balling was my first love you can’t have my last name

I said, balling was my first love you can’t have my last name

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