J. COLE - Note to Self lyrics

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And wherever we go and wherever we do

And wherever we see and how ever we be

It don’t matter

It don’t matter

I don’t mind cuz you don’t matter

I don’t mind cuz I don’t matter

I got a feeling that there’s something more

Something that hold us together

Something that hold us together

The stranger fit but I can’t be sure

Something that hold us forever

Something that hold us forever

Love, love, love, love

And wherever we go and wherever we do

And wherever we see and how ever we be

It don’t matter

It don’t matter

I don’t mind cuz you don’t matter

I don’t mind cuz I don’t matter

Yeah nigga, 40 shut

That’s it, we made it baby

As we speak the last shamble clear, thank you the how ever in Japan

Just clear that shit

Told my voc lobbing

Turn the head down just a little bit

I gotta do my thanks you man

I don’t have much time to talk about my thanks’ man

For the all works so fuck I

I’mma do it right now

This is the credits, this is the all credits

If you don’t wanna sit throw the credits get your ass up and walk out the room

First and formals, my tight and dream for team, thank you God

But before that I’m bug it

Thank you God

Ooh my God

Everything happened too perfectly, in line this all things

Thank you God

Take my dream for a real family

Mans how fucking sleep right

Not gave no recorder the shit

You can work hard man, they just probably fucking this for real man

Kill the shit

Hey what up,

El presidente what up

We kill this shit nigga, we kill this shit nigga

I don’t do that fucking

Nigga we ain’t sell three and cop, nigga I kill this shit, nigga

I’m proud for all you for real

Wanna get more?

My nigga come here

That’s my sister Casey I am like a father for you right now

Casey I love you man

My brother say why we came for a long way for the vill

My nigga felt it, you kill it, you kill that Friday light shit

You kill this for two man

I should bang and come to you man

You only do the classics dog, that’s what it is

For real my nigga might shout and she get it

You already know where he is right now

My nigga post it up right now

My niggas all day get that motherfucker lain

You know what it is dog

I see you, I see your vision man

I believe you man

I love you’ll niggas

Big D man thank you man for real

For real I believe in you

You in the fens but bust it that ass,

Bust it, bust it

I can’t believe it nigga

Will change your life man, keep going, keep going

Keep go in sky and limit, fuck that man

Super mugging face

Super mugging face

Dream will only get and confirm classics man

That’s all we for, that’s how we doing

Ay we go down my nigga, we got the triple ball now

First Fitty he Usher then you nigga you fucking outta here

But we might be the weirdo

No respect man , congratulation to the (?)

I love you to man, I know you feel the same for me right now

Your shuts are for the youngers nigga hit

We bless to have you all on board

Man we feel so gratefully on cause

Get motherfucking classy nigga I go

Are we grabbing the bike to Manhattan?

Listening to that shit man

I believe on that shit for the past few days

Only got chance to slow down

That shit is classy

My nigga congratulation

We don’t give a fuck, what it’s on

Hardly know what that shit is

And so I tell the truth man and I’m proud of you man

I’m proud of you and you home boys man

It will be really great to watch ‘em grow

And what we did man

I get to reliving all again and actually appreciate this time

Shout to the all committed man

Told me what up

My nigga money making quick

Treat them boys right man

Everybody get avoid and make it shod

What’ss up man

Yeah you make out of me

We gonna live forever man

You gotta lupe and beat it

Cuz from right now can’t hear

Ok roof make t roof

LA we couldn’t do without you

My nigga they are a little burn

You lie and get TS

Can’t do it cutty

Finely scoot as that will be


My nigga hold that beat and

Yeah he drag that beat, how does that?

Popping all, my nigga pop and keep thinking man

Will it be I never mention

Yeah now you kill the beat

My nigga jazz on the guitar

You know what I mean

Do the motherfucker strangers

Pay that shit man, we gonna pay

The hard play it’s to come up

But you kill that shit, you love that shit man

Sure go with girl on the motherfucker street

We appreciated down town when she was a little wild

And we go like

Nigga that’s my form

I sit with all your record roaf

But it’s all good, we still good dog

And all the fucking stumbles get click

Thank you y’all be trying giving to nigga a heart

And I wanna (?)

I’mma go to the fucking supreme court and tell ‘em to make that shit easy for niggas like me

To clear this samples man

If you made the fucking music

And you made the art and you put it into the world

I should be able to use it and fuck it

I’mma pay you, I’mma give you a procental

You shouldn’t be able to tell me how to use it

That’s fucking, that’s fucked up nigga

Use and inspire by the world

Allow the world to be inspire by your shit

And use that shit

So a lot of people like you make offers

And how ever how let that nigga to use that shit

Fuck that man, it’s 2014, 2015 by the time you hear this shit

Fuck that man, we moving on

Man shut up, Juzy J.

I’m so happy to be next to y’all niggas

Consider y’all niggas friends and I’m sorry I had to come next to(?)real quick

I had to do the show niggas

T ain’t no motherfucker crowns man

We gotta be the example

We gotta show this niggas man

There’s lovin’ at the top

Can’t you believe any crazy we say

We sitting right here in this motherfucking its right now

Fifteen years ago was looking at this man’s like man we gotta beat theses niggas

Now we are those niggas but it’s our responsibility to show these niggas man

Niggas wanna beef, niggas want drama

Fuck that we coming together

Shut up to everybody (?) right now still ride ‘em

Everybody your sleep now

You still riding

And it’s biggest the forges and manage, she just focus

We gotta come together, looking at each other, love each other

And feel like all come together, we share all stories nigga

Nigga pain and struggle, that shit is pain and struggle

But guess what man, we can come together and this one things gonna do is with luck

Back to the shit, my story, I love you my niggas

No matter what ways just Marc Gucci

You my big brother forever and no matter the business nigga it’s bigger then that

Ok thank you man, you came on board to kill it

My nigga truly shut you out but already I shut you out but

But I shout at your allies (?) but this ain’t gonna live forever

T-Sha, T-Sha you know I love you T-Sha

Future the price, thank you for those conversation man

I needed that

We feel like a family now man

It was always a family but it’s so (?)

Thank you very much man, thank you all for believing

I know this is scary idea

I don’t know if I organize you but I don’t give a fuck man

I’m just happy we did this shit

Shut up and make it

Christina, Jack I love you

I say this is my last (?)

But I love the fucking all of you

We make relationship and it never gonna go away

Thank you very much baby you are a legend we fucking love you

TJ get this shit for you man, already kill the shit for years man

Thank you man, thank you, grab singer

Thanks to andreea for correcting these lyrics

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