J. COLE - Nobody’s Perfect

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Oh Yeah

Uh Cole World

Uh Oh Yeah


This is for all the fans that waited

The bitch niggas that hated

All hoes we dated

Look mama we made it

Your son out in Barbados

Cheese, eggs and potatoes

Smokin' weed on the beach

My mind workin' like play dohs

Analyzing the world

Fantasing 'bout girls

I'm handing diamonds and pearls

And vandalising her pearls

Sweating her weave out

? she breeze out

Fuck I'm doing in parties with Hov and Steve Scout

I step over piranha

Death over dishonor

They killing niggas for J's

That's death over designer

Hey Cole heating up like that left over lasagna

Remember when I used to be stressed over ?

Now a nigga only texting

Get stressed over Rihanna's

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