J. COLE - Losing My Balance

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Yea huh,

Yea one, two, one, two, one, two

One, two, one two uh-huh

Yea, uh

Yea uh

Miss high profile caught you shopping on Canal

I guess it makes sense, it seems phony as your style

Your hair and your nails just as phony as your smile

Fake eyelashes, you drew your eyebrows

It make a brother ask, do you pride yourself?

Your make up like a mask, tryna hide yourself

It seems on the outside you thinking you the shit

But there's a soul that's inside that you don't even knew exist

So you so out of touch that the world mistreat you,

Rich niggas fuck you and broke niggas beat you

Hoping this will reach you when you understand

That your value ain't determined by another man

Cause right now you let them brothers get the upper hand

And you just tell them go deep like Cunningham

And you just let them OD like Len Bias

And that pussy so good he let his friends try it

Losing your balance, yea uh

Losing your balance, yea uh

Losing your balance,

Girl you losing your balance uh, yea

Don't slip don't fall,

Just a get a grip my nigga hold on

Don't lose your balance,

Don't lose your balance

I look around at my city this is SinVille

That boy 11 years old and can inhale

Sometimes I ride around wondering if we in hell

Or why the cops love to throw a nigga in jail

I'm bout to lose it I just had another friend killed

Over some bullshit this cycle's like a windmill

I had a convo with my soul I asked it "When will, this shit change? "

It said boy "Just use them pen skills"-

And so I write this for my niggas on the corner

Love you cause you my brother so I feel I got to warn ya

This shit ain't set up for a young brother to advance

On that note, you niggas playing right into their hands

Damn, better get yourself some goals, you niggas better dream

I know the hood raised you but there's bigger better things

And for those that passed I need a moment of silence


Yea and don't be losing your balance

Don't be losing your balance,

Don't be losing your balance,

My nigga don't be losing your balance,

Uh yea so don't slip, don't fall

Just a get a grip my nigga hold on

Don't lose your balance, uh

Don't lose your balance

I got a thing for this little mama

She do it to me plus her brain is forreal I'm a... sucka for love I guess

Won't catch her up in the club cause she ain't into that

Kind of chick that rather rent a flick and get intimate

Say she never fuck with thug niggas only gentlemen

And yea that ass is fat but what's better is her intellect

Other men ah sweat her when we walk past

Can't even blame em' I did the same when I saw that ass

Match with the thin waist, brown with a slime face

Love the conversation and the kicks was like a sensai

Now she got me chillenin' with her all around the clock

My homeis beefin cause I never come around a lot

Keep on telling me I changed and things ain't the same

And ever since she came around I never want to hang

They tell me that it's foul how a chick will make me switch

But man I can't help it dog her mind got me whipped

I think I'm losing my balance

I think I'm losing my balance yea

She got me losing my balance, uh

She got me losing my balance,

But I won't slip I won't fall,

Just a get a grip and hold on

Losing my balance,

Losing my balance

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