J. COLE - I'm Coming

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Yea, hey, hey, yea 1-2-1-2

Uh, uh uh, yea, yup (hums)

Yea, look look

Fast lane, living bad thang, giving brain from the passenger side of the ride while I drive

And I swerve, vision blurred, make it hard to observe

Blame the liquor I absorb

And plus I'm high as God

Why is it lord that I can't seem to slow the whip down?

The same boy standing up when them teachers told him sit down

Look now, I done growed up

And still don't follow rules

Call those blues, nigga hold up ya'll still don't got a clue

All the cool niggas from high schools

That still ain't doing shit

Remember when you used to fuck niggas up til' the blue and shit

Now ya ass broke as a joke and them niggas doing it

Funny how the tables turn in life nigga you ruined it

3 kids and never see they daddy unless he need a dollar from his baby mama

And you still don't wear a condom

Is you stupid nigga?

Falling in love with these hoes, is you cupid nigga?

You better learn before you burn boy

See me stay on top of my game, David Stern boy

Did his dirt like worms but my mind was more concerned with the future

Ya'll niggas stuck in neutral

This the city where police trynna shoot you

The army trynna recruit you

I'm here to get you higher baby so this here's the booster

I'm trynna be the king nigga this that Martin Luther, shit is crucial

Now let me introduce you to the real from The Ville

Still pouring liquor for my niggas killed yea!

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