J. COLE - Grew Up Fast

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sometimes I think about it

and my poor heart wants to die about it

about the sweet sweet love I lost

and the way I got double double crosssed

by a guy who was my friend

I see him now and then

but I pretend I'm doing fine

when I'm about to lose my mind

oh nigga I grew up fast money falling out my pocket

I got too much cash

cant fit nothing in her pockets she got too much ass

like goddamn, well if you must ask

we from the school of hardknocks but you crew cut class

half white but don't think I got a kluk klux past

when I'm in the V police f*ckin with me

no sir no license all I got here is this f*cking degree

move along cock s*cker ain't nothing to see

unless you're talking block busters you niggas is not russel..

you more diggy, me I'm more biggy no diss to the young boy

I'm just rapping get bored quickly

just to make up for that line i take him on tour with me..

join the game let the..fannego these whores with me

run through their doors with me

hit the rist cut and for the night

leave him with two dikes probably change a a nigga life right

what up Vanessa I love you that one semester

thank to my profession I ball like uncle fester

thinking bout the board I used to have above the dresser

half the shit I wrote down I did it its old now

I got new goals

plus my money and new ball

funny how my all eyes is suddenly my new hoe

caught it every chicks and she model she swallow

so I only f*ck with hattrick

bitches what a few goals

bitches what a few goals

niggas keep me how I feel

not even slightly interested in what..

I got a great purpose that I hate the purpose

I'm a stack paper hustle than the relax later

certainly 'cause I'm brain change that's the way it's purpose

look how made em nervous

niggas is shaking I know they're faking

okay you were killing right

..and bob marley is haitian and me and Beyonce datin

and jesus christ be hatin, got mad love for satan

from saving so f*cking..while megan good is waiting

I'm the dead Beat father of your little brother

in other words god damn it I'm a bad mother f*cker its cold

it's only right I brought back the soul

ya'll got way to electro

damn near the techno

half way homo

way too metro henesy x o

cole flow special

style like... call quest meets death row

learn something boy grow your ass up

cheap nigga if you look our..

matter of fact if you was grass i'd probably mow your ass up

call for you nigags go for your ass cup is call

yeah yeah yeah cold world

this nigga eve is a bitch

he told me to talk shit to yall niggas

so imma talk my shit

Thanks to Tristan for correcting these lyrics

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