J. COLE - Dolla and a Dream II

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[Verse 1]

Ay, I got a dollar and a dream, real niggas on my team

Everything ain't what it seems

Niggas hating but I love them even though they trying to scheme

But I'm past that, a nigga's stock is rising like the Nasdaq

They say I’m the future but yet I’m giving niggas flashbacks

Of better days when you ain't have to settle for whatever played

I represent the struggle nigga, I say what they never say

Whenever they spit that bullshit they spitting

This that pulpit, I’m hitting niggas with the gospel

Hostile with them hoes, I got a dollar in my pocket plus a dream

Yeah you laughing my nigga but everything ain't what it seems

What it means to know your momma or your father on that pipe

On that hard white, I’ll tell you what them scars like

I’m speaking through these bars like a nigga in the jail

Tired of sifting through my mail I feel like Cartwright, bills

For real, a nigga ill

Just let me do the talking man I know how niggas feel


I got a dollar and a dream, real niggas on my team

Everything ain't what it seems

[Verse 2]

I got a dolla and a dream, real niggas on my team

Everything ain't what it seems

Every lady ain't no ho and every bitch ain't no queen

Every nigga ain't no dog and every nigga ain't no king

Shit be happening for a reason, everything is everything

Every nigga can't dunk, some white man can jump

They shooting niggas 'fore they even tell 'em put their hands up!

Crooked cops got a nigga scared to drive

Probably thinking that I’m slanging man I see it in their eyes

But inside of my pocket is a dollar plus a dream

Yeah, you swear your girl is faithful; everything ain't what it seems

See, I seen how she glance and look away like she want it

I ain't saying I'mma fuck her, but I could if I wanted

Know it hurts that she flirts with a nigga this is worse

I bet if I was to hit, man I wouldn’t be the first

This is church, this is gospel

Spit it like I get it from the Bible for your survival


[Verse 3]

Check it

Ay Sallie, I know I ain't been answering your calls

But shit, let me explain- it's because times been hard

Been running around trying find a job

I hear my phone ringing in the morning, 9 o’clock

And it's you, can't even front I press ignore

I still got your letters laying in my dresser drawer

You telling me about all the things you did for me

When I was broke, you sent me dough and that was big for me

See you was there every year when I needed you

And you were so quick to give I had to be with you

Remember when I used to call you on your phone line

I knew it was official when my momma cosigned

But in no time a nigga graduated

I hit the real world, baby girl I'm sad to say it

But I was using you, you gave a nigga major stacks

And I know in my heart one day that I'm gonna pay you back”

I got a dollar and a dream

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