J. COLE - Cole World

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I think it's gunna be a hell of a night, a hell of a night

So we could do whatever ya like

It took me all day to find some inspiration

It just hit me like a ton of bricks, no renovation

Problem with the game now, there ain't no innovation

I see my shit all in your shit, we call that imitation

And they say that's flattering, but I ain't flattered at all

Matter fact y'all need to practice that more

See my man Nate asked me if I gained weight

I said nah, my pockets got fatter, that's all

Money was an issue, but now that that's solved

I ball, I ball, like Kobe in the fall

Put trophies on wall, rather trophies on my mantle

Dog my shows be off the handle, take the proceeds go to gamble

Ha!, bet it on black and pray, I quadruple my salary

If I win, maybe then I could pay Sallie Mae

Told her I be dealin' with some real-life shit

She be askin' "When?", bitch! When I feel like it

Cole World, Cole Life, Cole Blooded

I be on my shit, and look at, all the hoes love it

Got a hundred fifty bitches in the club starin' at me

How that feel? very happy!

I got what you need right here

I got what you need right here

I got what you need right here

I got what you need right here

Uh, turn up the 808's for me

Back when I was starvin' no one made a plate for me

Now I do it big and that's my day to day story

I got the type of shit that make a hater say sorry

Bitch I made this in the crib watchin' Belly

Eatin' peanut butter jelly, what the fuck the niggas tell me

They say I'm takin' long, I tell em' patience is a virtue

I'm goin' all out and bitch I never had a curfew

See when your spittin' so real

Suddenly these phony niggas lose they appeal

Got em' feelin' like my niggas when they lose, they appeal

Then it's back to the cell, back to the hell

At times I watch the news and see they talkin' bout diplomacy

And they ain't got a clue my niggas ain't got they diplomas, see

Rappers show me love, I wonder what it could be

I think they scared of me, and they should be

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