J. COLE - Cole Summer (Episode 2)

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My .. day I ain’t sleeping days

Girl you gonna make me later undressing me

Know you ain’t seen me since yesterday

But see I got a date with destiny

Cause this is some thin that I like change

Hold ask me is you ready for

I looked around to all these nice things

Tell em niggas you are ready naughty.

It’s the man of the year

What you supposed to do when the Og niggas don’t get it

Lost was once stairs but they don’t quit it


I hit the .. I tell myself the last time will be my last

I don’t trust my own niggas in my mind wait so fast

Got my foot upon the gas got it heard it on the ..

..upon me I ain’t stop me for the .. I’m go in jail shully

I’ll be next to my .. and the sail, no for me man

Let me out send me back the b*tches and ..put it out

I gotta do is ... ready

Yeah buddy can’t you tell I’m going through hell

I ain’t even open my mail I’m in the share with the ..

I need .. bad b*tches under the prayer

They need ..p**ssy niggas runnin their mouth


My niggas so .. get the ..

And one time for the city and two time for the ..

One time for the city and two time for the ..

..outside ..they you en jail

So I take the .. right like a pin pail

so shit ..in jail Lord knows he made weep

so I tell to piss ..right like a .. rock em the city

... rock em the city and when is looking like a ..

..what you think, that’s the reason why ... I extinct put your ..

One time for the city and two time for the ..

One time for the city and two time for the ..

The more we ..bring em .. taking pictures ..

Hope ..somebody see I lick it off ..the trailer

Worried about my mother and never trust in my neighbors

To middle class what back yard I own ..

To be in the black own kid and in my own room

..kicked it and follow my own rules

Was runnin the streets and I’ll be home soon

Was that chasing holes, was that ..the niggas was in ..

But the ..fast shooting

so meet the .. you don’t know how to face the shit

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