J. COLE - Before I'm Gone

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hit the weed I told myself the last time would be my last

I don't trust my own n-ggas now my mind racing fast

Got my foot up on the gas, got a hundred on the dash

If the police run up on me I aint stopping for their ass

Boy you know my L's dirty if they stop me I'm goin to jail surely

I'll be next to my brother in the cell no bail for me

Man let me out send me back to bitches that smell Purdy (pretty)

And all I gotta do is call once and she'll be all ready

Yeah buddy can't you tell I'm goin thru hell

I don't even open my mail

I'm in the shower with soap on the towel

I need cleansing

Bad bitches all on the prowl they need Benzes

P-ssy n-ggas running they mouth but we aint flinching

The names that need mention(?)

I got dreams bigger then your whole team

You n-ggas so broke yet somehow you so cream

I guess this indie started with a penny now I'm getting plenty money

One time for the city, yea

Two times for...


And one time for the city, hey

A two times for the...



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