J. COLE - Be (Freestyle)

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Cold world, cold blooded

Trapping niggers at my shows and the hoes love it

Back packing niggers with the air froze level

So don’t holler at a nigger if you got no budget

Trying to get my bread up, no, not talking … rolls

Trying to get my grades up, oh, look how my score rows

Playing till she hit she says, good, make more though

Cole god delivery bitch you got the …

Ain’t fucking with me cause I’m realest shit,

Well if you feel the shit, here goes some realer shit

I signed a big deal and went to the dealership

Man they took one look at my credit and said forget it

Now I’m on this train with a millie to my name

Ain’t shit changed cause I still feel the pain

Like a gym or a rim … built for the game

Something like a pimp cause I’m still in the game

A little drug dealer …what

I can’t try, these niggers out here lying

Why can’t I?

Flash backs when my teacher told me I can’t fly

Dealer … a nigger crazy just cause I say why

Now look no wings but I’m flier than the birds

Cosign on the beamer but it’s whiter than the burbs

Something like a genius but man I didn’t been a nerd

Just to tutor bad bitches while … in the …

That might have been a …that might have been a …

But I’m just trying to find what you’re hiding in that skirt

And Cole got her coming out he might have been her first

So she only fuck with him like a choir in the church, good god

Mama told me get a good job

Be a doctor or a lawyer if you …

Well nigger I’ma show ya

This that Jessie Jackson, … action … I’m taxing up

Don’t let the cover fool you bitch I ain’t no freshman

In my own class man I write my own passes

I hear the shots fired yeah I see the stones casted

My shit is already fired, don’t gas it

Nigger say my album it sound like a classic

Nigger say your album might not even see the plastic

Bastard, how you gonna match with a nigger who …

The shit that you gonna practice, cast this

A … nigger to the day of my casket

Put on for my city like my favorite jacket

Man you gone away that every god damn night

Know that I pay for this shit

That you got damn right, nigger.<br />

<br />

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