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Carolina blue kicks, pedal to the metal

Feeling like a puppet and the Devil is Geppetto

Letter to the ghetto, hold your head high

You can pick apart my raps, I ain’t told ya na’ lie

I want a little dark, I like to fuck a tan line

Go on, look for a better nigga: girl you can’t find

Fine young man with an old man mind

No time for the tickle, fuck the whole mankind

"Aw, no ma’am" I’m an old land mine

I been waiting to blow up for a long damn time

Now I’m armed and I’m Fayetnam’s finest

Carolina’s savior, marijuana blazer

Only on occasion cause my mind be racin'

Lost in my thoughts so my eyes be Asian

Thinking how these rap niggas gotta be fakin'

Whole style obviously copied, pasted

Plagiarized swag, may arrive last

But when it’s all said and done I’mma be ahead of them

Way that I describe it, prescribe a nigga medicine

What that I be fly I be higher than the Jet-a-sons

Moving on up, nigga higher than the Jeffersons

All about the Benjamins. Bad chicks? Send em in

Basic hoes? Toss em out, can’t even get Waffle House

Hatin’ niggas? Chalk em out. Go on, get the coffin out

What you talking about? Lil man

My shit hair-burning, you not even a lil’ tan

I’m ill enough to kill cancer: baby, I’m chemo

Down in Miami and I throw like Marino

Get a whole lot of you-know and she bald like an Eagle

No, not on top but down there

She say she want to hop on top, "girl, I don’t care"

You better get yours fore I reach mine

Cause then I’m throwing peace signs

If you a freak, I can take you to your peak

Girl I do it to the maximum: Nissan

And I hope you a believer

I’m quarterbacking, trying to get you open like receivers

Far from an overnight achiever, Cole is like the leader

Of the new niggas, to tell the truth I’m only fucking with a few niggas

If that, the rest of you niggas get lapped, I sit back

And reflect on the rap game, I came

From out of nowhere

Nigga, I swear them lames ain’t know how to prepare

Got niggas shouting out “The ‘Ville, I gotta go there”

Boy don’t you know you get shot over there?

I say my prayers cause this life ain’t fair

A bunch of backstabbing niggas, hope the knife ain’t there

A bunch of temptation facing when your wife ain’t there

Yeah late at night, when I got the phone call and made her right

But my crib was straight ahead, shorty gave me head

Hit it then I quit it ‘fore she even made the bed

Damn I’m no good, but damn it’s so good

I’m picturing that body like a camera phone would

Something like Rihanna while I’m up in that vagina

Type of chick that only dress in something that’s designer

I could give a fuck as long as there’s something that’s behind of her

Got the type of bump that make a dog wanna hump

Back to the topic, actually forgot it

Hoes, money, I’m the shit...oh yeah, I’m reminded

The way I put the words together, cleverly align em

These other rap niggas should never be a problem

And I’m ghost

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<i>[Thanks to Julian miller for these lyrics]</i>

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