J. COLE - 2014 Forest Hills Drive Freestyle

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Ay, yo listen, fuck it

Then do it now, halla of my7 niggas

You survive use a lie

Fallow me around and use to roab me

A different between you and I

You posing, but how am I to move on and

Money come and (?) the newest model

You cool as halla

That type of niggas how got it deep it his swallow

The girl told me to shut her in her face, she a suicidal

Oh shut up, you niggas are close and fore it up

I’m from the ville, niggas to kill

Now won’t go afford

Thank God I made my niggas to grow up

Now we crazy over there with they how told us dugouts

Mores lust must get the money blows up

Put the hoer stop into doe drops

I won’t stop go the cliff off the old block

I’m from the city when niggas hold glocks, you looking like old socks

Gas petrol, life plotting on the (?)

Riding when they know they (?) probably you resting

Nigga get upon this, kill the nigga get promoted

Shit, this crazy girls getting baby for they get diplomas

So much, I just go nuts, niggas told me to slow up

Never that, try to get with that, try and that

Y’all wanna hear me

Always someone to get what you need homie

See this life probably in jail

Niggas can’t denied fast and you left they send you to chill like that

That is something you cna sell a pop bag niggas don’t like bragging in nine eleven

High jack nigga get after you wipe nigga strip

Want it all, eyes on your wistel and (?)

The shit happens I ain’t just rapping

Believe that you (?) in my city police won’t even go

Keep it like that it ain’t no secret cuz my ego is so (?) got me zipping like I’m dizo like I’m DBO

Nigga know my stylo, I ain’t twinkling, I ain’t wiping

This ain’t funny no more

Louie slow it down, low I down yo

Your son came ‘bout that room and you a star warning

The real recognize, real you got in form

My bitch run on flame, bitch you are all scoring

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