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J Church - Sunshine lyrics

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Sunshine, Boring sunshine, Tripping amphetamine, Sick inspiration, Sunshine, Who needs sunshine? Leaves me paralyzed, Sweet perspiration And I don't want you around, I'm a nightmare when I'm down, And I'm going to the darker side of town Starlight, It's only midnight, Smoke your Camel Light, Your ride is coming, Bus ride, To the seaside, Geary late at night, The drugs are humming And the Cliff House is alone, And it feels like coming home, And nothing I can do can make it wrong Childlike, On the outside, Tried and crucified, Don't wanna live forever, Floodlight, Thick, dripping, dark night, Loss of appetite, Let's die together And I don't want to be your clown, And I can't keep my food down, When I call, you won't hear a sound

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